War Lands

War Lands is an ARPG style game with roguelike gameplay. Battle your way through a series of levels picking up buffs and loot, all while decimating hordes of enemies.

About War Lands

In War Lands, you’ll go through a sequence of battles that get increasingly tough. At the end of each trial, you’ll have the chance to upgrade your gear, level up, and claim rewards in the town.

War Lands has the addictive ARPG feel you’d expect in a game like Diablo or Path of Exile. But, it’s browser-based so you can jump into the action quickly anywhere. 


The weapons you wield define what your class is, and your special abilities will change to match. You can switch things up as they benefit you throughout battle. There are staffs, swords, greatswords, shields, and bows for ranged combat.

Game Tips

Play tactically, as death can mean starting over

Make the most of your abilities and play extra cautiously when starting out, as your HP is very low.

Choose the level path that benefits your character type most

You’ll notice small icons on the level path. They signify what rewards are available in the level. 

Discard items by dragging them out of your inventory

You can only discard items when you’re in the town. That means if you fill up your inventory, you won’t be able to empty it until you’ve finished the whole round of levels. Choose your loot wisely!

Smash barrels to get gold and loot

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Break open all the barrels and boxes to get gold.

Max your strongest skills

Focus on the strengths that will benefit your class most. If you’re dual-wielding swords (great choice) for example, you might want to focus the vast majority of skill points on strength and agility.

Enchant your weapons

Enchant your weapons to give them magical properties that help you in battle. You’ll need all the gold you can get, as the chance of enchantment becomes trickier as your item increases in rarity.

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