Knight’s Blade

Knight’s Blade is an RPG game in a Medieval Fantasy Setting where you slay enemies, upgrade your equipment, and move to different areas to find stronger enemies and upgrades. All packed into a game with a unique combat system like no other. 

Story Chapter 1

A few centuries ago, slimes had occupied a local uninhabited cave near a human settlement. The group was led by a huge slime that wore a golden-ruby crown, also known as the slime king, that ruled over the Mana Cave. The nearby human settlement didn’t give much thought to the slimes as they saw them as non-hostile creatures. So, The group of slime occupied the cave for a long time, where they peacefully multiplied into a greater force until one day, when a prospector found out that the cave had an abundant amount of mana crystals; that had been formed due to the presence of the slimes. This information leads the king of the human settlement to dispatch a squadron of his most elite soldiers and his most powerful and renowned Knight to clear the Mana Cave. The Knight’s party was unfortunately defeated in the battle for the Mana Cave, where the king lost not only his best Knight but also a legendary weapon by the name of “Knight’s Blade” that was wielded by the defeated Knight. The disappointed king put out a reward for whoever brought back the legendary weapon. The quest also stated that whoever brought the legendary weapon was given Knighthood in this kingdom. 

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